Mag's Word Finder is temporarily down while I look into a potential security/vulnerability issue that was reported. This is referring to a vulnerability on my server, not anything that would affect you as a user.

I apologize to those of you whom I emailed and reported that the site was back up. I was mistaken. :-(

When the site is back up again, you'll know because I will remove this message. Unfortunately too many of you have emailed me for me to reply to everyone.

Update 26 April 2012

I was informed by my service provider that my script was shut down because someone was exploiting a security hole to gain access to the server. I've been actively investigating the problem with my script today, with assistance from a good and knowledgeable friend. Unfortunately we have not yet discovered the source of the problem. As soon as we can figure it out and fix the problem, I will get the word finder back online.

Tom Magliery